Monday, July 27, 2009


Our lives are intertwined with hopes, dreams and aspirations. We start out young and we have energy, vision, plans, and places to go. We tackle the world with gale force winds of optimism, seeking to find our place in the scope of it all.
We marry, raise families, work, go off to war, start businesses, experience setbacks and disappointments and like sandcastles built too close to the water we watch them taken back out to sea. Tsunami’s of life sweep on us unexpectedly, wreaking destructive forces we were yet to see, but forever young we build our hopes again and we move the sandcastles back a little from the evening tides. Bigger tsunami’s wash in and breach our best laid plans, only to show us our weakness over and over again. Determined not to be defeated, we recover once again and lay a better hope of foundation and our sandcastles stand new tests of waters of trial and tribulation. We begin to lay stronger foundations and we add sticks of experience to our superstructure and we stand back and admire our handiwork.
We grow older but the tides keep rolling in and out. Our sandcastles have become works of art, and have hardened with the times. They have matured and seem impregnable as life has taught us how, where and when to build them. We have become masters of deceit of the changing tides, and rolling seas of the turbulence of this thing we call life. We are self- assured and even begin to challenge forces unseen and begin to delude ourselves that we have made it.
We have become masters of our own fate and yet our sandcastles have always been built on shifting sands and all else is deception. Tides will roll, tsunami’s will rush in again and take it all away and someday we will have words well spoken of us. The tide is the same as yesterday and thousands of years ago, today and tomorrow. Tsunamis continue to erode hopes; plans, ambitions, goals and the unseen forces of life take no heed of its challengers that build sandcastles of hope.
Yet, those who build the sandcastle of faith know that they are masters of nothing. They build like others but know faith will always rebuild what unseen forces take away. They fear not the rolling tides and tsunamis or the lapping waters at the gate of their sandcastles. The One bigger than all forces combined stands and says Be Still and all subsides in peace and tranquility for the Maker of all has built his sandcastle of salvation for all who hope in faith….

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  1. Trust me, Jeff, I'm in that process of rebuilding after my husband died. Talk about destruction of hope and plans....